Immerse yourself in another world!

2 tanks 130 to 175 USD depending on the cenotes

The cenotes are a unique wonder of nature and are clearly one of the must-see attractions when visiting the Yucatán peninsula. Geological formations, tunnels, light beams, hallocline, there is a lot to discover in the Cenotes.

Whether you are a begginer or more experience diver, you can dive in a Cenote!

Kelly our cenote guide will take you on a amazing experience, going into the jungle to discover a unique type of diving, different that everything you could have experienced before!

Different options are available, we are here to discuss with you the cenotes that will best suits your level and wishes!

The word “cenote” comes from the Mayan language “ts’ono’ot” or “d’zonot” which means “water hole”.

Cenotes are natural wells, filled with fresh water and sometimes a lower layer of seawater. They communicate with each other through a complex system of underground rivers. It is estimated that the Yucatán Peninsula has no less than 10 000… of which only a minority has been explored.

Let yourself be tempted by the experience and let you go into the cenotes magic, you will not regret it!

You would like a guide for yourself ? to take the time you want for taking your pictures or videos or to focus just on you > We can make your experience unique, ask us for a private guide!

The most famous cenotes in pictures:


Max depth: 14m/45ft – Level: from Open Water

Discover its incredible cavern with its huge light window and amazing halocline. You will also be able to admire various millions years old fossils and nice geological structures.

This cenote is also accessible to non divers, swimmers or snorkelers will be able to enjoy the open part which is like a wonderful natural pool with some fresh water fish.


Max depth: 15m/50ft – Level: from Open Water

Immerse yourself in a parallel world. Explore its galeries with incredible geological formations, old fossils and light beams. Surface it the air dome to observe the numerous bats and watch from another point of view the ceiling full of stalactites et stalagmites.


Max depth: 30m/100ft – Level: from  Advanced Open Water

Descent in this incredible deep light well until reaching its bottom decorated with  enigmatic tree branches. Also, explore the corners of its cavern to discover numerous bones, pottery and geological formations. Get ready for an amazing and unique experience!


Max depth: 15m/50ft – Level: from Open Water

Come to explore the 2 facets of this beautiful cenote. On one side, you will discover its pretty water lilies garden with numerous fishes and turtles. On the other side, its amazing cavern with various geological formations, ancient bones and great panorama view. 


Max depth: 8m/25ft – Level: from Advanced Open Water

Push the door of Dreamgates, cenote of thousands of unique decorations, a trip out of time and space is waiting for you. Slalom between its incredible geological formations, ‘fly over’ its sediment dunes and contemplate its impressive elephant feet.


Max depth: 30m/100ft – Level: from Advanced Open Water

Descent in the underwater universe of Tim Burton. This cenote will give you unique sensations with its island surrounded by its thick hydrogen sulfite cloud and tree branchages. Go even deeper through its cloud to discover a dead forest where the time seems to have stopped.


Max depth: 10m/30ft – Level: from Open Water

With its two cavern lines, Dos Ojos offers you an incredible journey into its broad tunnels. Splendid decorations and light shows will be waiting for you inside. You will also surface in its large air dome to observe its numerous bats and unique stalactites.


Max depth: 15m/50ft – Level: from Open Water

Penetrating the Chacmol universe will offer you an incredible experience: geological formations, light beams window, air dome, ancient fossils and  his famous elephant feets. The time of a dive you will feel transported in a new world. 


Max depth: 30m/100ft – Level: from Advanced Open Water

Go down along this unique chimney duct and get attracted by its darkness and surprised by its unusual geological formations in the shape of all sized bells. You will also discover a dead tree and a hydrogen sulfite cloud, atmosphere guaranteed. 


  • Two dives in two different cenotes
  • Entrance fees
  • Tanks and weights
  • English/ French/Spanish cenote guide
  • Lunch, Water
  • Transport to and from your hotel (Playa del Carmen area)

Maximum of 4 divers per instructor


  • Equipment (BCD, regulator, wetsuit, fins and mask), 20 USD/day
  • Photos and videos (ask us more information about it)


Pick up at 8.30am, transportation to the cenote, 1st dive, surface interval of 45min/1h lunch, 2nd dive in a different line or different cenote, ride back to Playa between 1pm and 4pm depending on the Cenote

A little more about cenotes

The word “cenote” comes from the Mayan language “ts’ono’ot” or “d’zonot” which means “water hole“.

Cenotes are natural wells, filled with fresh water and sometimes a lower layer of seawater. The Yucatán peninsula is estimated to have no less than 10,000…only a minority of which have been explored.

They communicate with each other through a complex system of underground rivers.

Their beauty, shape and depth vary from one cenote to another. The stalactics and stalagmites formations found inside takes you back millions of years, adding to that the play of light that takes you to another dimension…the magic of cenotes works.