Discover unique recreational and educational dives!!

Discover the biodiversity of Caribbean reefs and expand your knowledge of marine ecosystems with the unique ‘BIO’ diving concept created by K&K Diving. Through engaging dives, you will deepen your knowledge and understanding of marine biodiversity while having fun.

During your dives, you will have the opportunity to discover a wide variety of incredible marine animals, including corals with extraordinary shapes, sponges of all sizes, and colorful reef fish, among them:

The hawksbill turtle recognizable by its ridged carapace and pronounced beak, this species is endangered and requires special protection. The fluorescent barrel sponge, quite demanding on water quality, a good indicator of an undisturbed environment. The spotlight parrotfish, which changes gender during its life and also changes color. The Caribbean Elkhorn coral, one of the most endangered species in the region, which has come close to disappearing, and many others.

Our dives will enable you to learn to recognize them, understand their roles in the marine ecosystem, and appreciate even more their unique beauty.

Exciting and interactives BIO dives

You will be accompanied by Kim, our experienced marine biologist who will answer all your questions and share her knowledge during unique dives using a slate for underwater communication. She will directly show you the species seen during pre-dive digital presentations and provide relevant information about these exceptional marine organisms, offering you an unforgettable immersive experience. She will also be there to answer all your questions.


Corals: explore the diversity of corals and discover their crucial role in coral reefs

Benthic forms: learn to identify the different forms of marine organisms that inhabit the seabed.

Endangered reefs: discover the threats facing coral reefs and understand the causes and solutions for their protection.

Local fish: how to recognize the local reef fish of the Caribbean and learn about their role as indicators of ecosystem health.

Bull sharks: discover the fascinating bull shark and learn more about its behavior and conservation.

Whale sharks: meet the world’s largest fish, the whale shark, and understand the necessary protective measures to preserve this species.

Sea turtles: the three species in the region: dive side by side with sea turtles and learn how to identify them while understanding the challenges they face.

Eagle rays: explore the world of majestic eagle rays and learn more about their behavior and their ecology.

We also place a strong emphasis on environmental preservation and habitat protection. During our trip, we raise awareness about endangered reefs and the importance of adopting environmental responsibility. By choosing our BIO dives, you will contribute to create awareness and support the preservation of the marine ecosystem.