Ocean Dives

Dive on the second biggest barrier reef of the world!

Discover an abundant, diverse and colorful marine life by diving in the beautifuls reefs of the Riviera Maya.

You could also learn more about the Caribbean marine life with Kim our passionate marine biologist who can teach you to differentiate fish/turtle species and having a better understanding of corals, with her biology dives, a rewrding experience you will not regret!

Pre-requisites for all dives :
Fill up the PADI medical questionnaire. This form is to find out if you are able to dive. If you reply yes to any of the items in the questionnaire you must consult a physician prior to participating in scuba diving and provide us with a medical certificate.


110 USD 2 Tanks

Playa del Carmen offers a great diversity of reef dives, it is a good place to discover the Caribbean marine life in a half- day trip!

Southern sites: Nice drift dives in the middle of coral reef fish, barracudas, turtles, moray eels, stingrays and even eagle rays in the winter.

Northern sites: Discover beautiful coral reef formations with numerous fish such as parrotfish, angelfish, squirel fish, grunts and many more!

Center sites: Those are perfect for training dives, refresh or chill easy dives! Reefs are cover with beautiful softs corals and gorgonians and full of marine life: school of grunts and surgeons fish, angelfish, parrotfish and if you are lucky even cross the path of turtles and stingrays!

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During the winter (November to beginning of March), do an incredible dive with the bull sharks:
stunning and thrilling experience! For more information, check out the Bull sharks dive section.



A MUST for all certified divers!

150 USD 2 tanks


Cozumel is worldwide known for its amazing visibitityspectacular colourful marine life and coral formations since their discovery in 1961 by the famous Jacques Cousteau, who declared it as ‘one of the best diving in the world’.

The creation of a marine park in 1996 helped preserve Cozumel’s fauna and flora and still offers today breath-taking dives.


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Turtles dive


85 USD 1 Tank, 135 2 Tanks

Dive in the beautiful bay of Akumal in the middle of the turtles!

Akumal bay offers a protected environment, ideal for chill easy dives with the turtles.

There are several sites on this reef ranging from 10 to 25m/30 to 80ft and offering a succession of small canyons covered of beautiful gorgonians fans and soft coral which give the impression to be in an underwater garden.

Besides the amazing turtles, you will be able to spot moray eels, lobsters, barracudas and colourful reef fish such as parrot fish, surgeon fish, angel fish,…


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Several boats have been sunk in the area on purpose for divers’ enjoyment!

You can discover Mama Viña in Playa del Carmen, Juan Escutia, C-56 in Puerto Morelos and Felipe Xicoténcatl, C-53 in Cozumel, all host great marine life: school of jack fish, groupers and barracudas, big moray eels, lobsters, stingrays, reef fish,….

The Mama Viña and Juan Escutia are reserved to Advanced Open Water divers or equivalent (depth 26m/85ft)

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Bull Sharks dive


125USD  2 Tanks shark +reef 


Are you a thrill seeker? Come and dive face to face with the emblematic bull shark! One sure thing? You will not regret it!!

Pregnant female bull sharks (with some juveniles) come here every year from November to March, they are in a resting behaviour and not in a hunting mode which offers the perfect occasion to observe them safely in their natural habitat. A thorough briefing is given, and you will be able to enjoy an incredible lifetime experience that you will never forget!



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