Bull Sharks dive

Bull Sharks dive

Are you a thrill seeker? Are you an adventure kind of person? Come and dive face to face with the emblematic bull shark! One sure thing? You will not regret it!!

Pregnant female bull sharks (with some juveniles) come here every year from November to March, they are in a resting behaviour and not in a hunting mode which offers the perfect occasion to observe them safely in their natural habitat. A thorough briefing is given, and you will be able to enjoy an incredible lifetime experience that you will never forget!


From 120USD : 1 shark dive + 1 reef dive (+ 15USD equipment)

To learn interesting facts about the bull sharks, their habitat, reproduction, its ability to live in fresh and salt water and much more, assist prior to your dive to the bull shark presentation given by a passionate marine biologist and shark lover!

The shark dive can be followed by an easy shallow dive on a reef near by (check out Playa del Carmen section)